About us

Who is Master Roachee? 

Hello and thank you for visiting Master Roachee’s Garden. My name is Matt Avery, AKA Master Roachee, and I’ve had a relationship with cannabis for over 40 years as a consumer, patient, grower and activist. I’m also a herbalist, entrepreneur and cannabis advocate. I believe in cannabis’s ability to serve as a medicine and catalyst for economic development along with everyone else here at Master Roachee’s Garden. I feel that labeling Cannabis as nothing more than a drug couldn’t be further from the truth due to its abundance of medical, physical and practical uses.

I’m a big believer in natural plant based products which is partially why I entered this field. When using other cannabis products, such as CBD oils, I couldn’t find the quality nor consistency that I was looking for. After meditating on this, I realized not only were they not good enough but it wasn’t what I wanted out there representing the cannabis community, as I’m a part of it. So without much thought or preparation I started a business to produce consistent, quality cannabis products and I felt it was right to only partner with individuals and companies that reflect our values and vibe. Which is why that’s exactly what I, and all of us here at Master Roachee’s Garden set out to do, day in and day out.

What is Master Roachee’s Garden

Master Roachee’s Garden is the business that I started back in 2021. We offer products that promote focus, health, sleep, general wellness as well as reducing stress and anxiety. I started this company out of the desire to give people the opportunity for easy access to natural and holistic remedies along with other natural products. Our focus is on Hemp derived products for the Health and Beauty market. We are founded on the idea of helping people through natural products. 

Our company believes in natural based plant products and here at Master Roachee’s Garden we specialize in making custom blends of CBD, CBG along with many other cannabinoids and herbs. We have many different oils ranging from our simple infused beard oils all the way to blends of CBD, CBDA and CBG for our “Ambrosia nights” oil for the perfect night sleep so you're healed, rested and rejuvenated ready for the next day. All of which contribute to our goal here at Master Roachee’s Garden of helping others heal both mentally and physically through natural/ holistic means.

Family run business

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for my family. Although I may be the face of the company and the one who makes the specialized blends of cannabis oils, we are 100% a family run business. So much work is done behind the scenes and it’s all done with the help of my amazing family so I want to give credit where it’s due as without them, Master Roachee’s Garden wouldn’t be what it is today. In fact if it weren’t for them you probably wouldn’t be reading this and I may not be able to keep chasing this passion of mine.

Kateland “The Talent”

Kateland “The Talent '' is the eldest daughter and the Co-Host on both Master Roachee Mondays and Thursday Night Vibes. Kateland is currently working on her RN and working full time. Kateland is active in many aspects of the Company and brings her own unique perspective which helps make sure I’m not I’m not missing anything or being biased towards a new product design.


Jamie is our youngest daughter and graduated High School last year. She helps with merchandising and Social Media, I don’t have time to scroll social media enough to keep up with what’s trending, popular, blowing up, etc. This is where Jamie steps in to help us give her insights from her perspective as she has a better idea of what people want to see.

Crystal, AKA Momma Roachee

 Crystal, aka Momma Roachee is a Co-Owner of Master Roachee’s Garden and very active in the company. If you love our Beard Oil, then you will need to thank Momma Roachee as it was her idea. She really helps so much with behind the scenes stuff, she’s like the glue that holds this family and company together so I have to give credit where it’s due.

Our approach

Our blends are unique and effective while using CO2 extraction to obtain our ingredients in the safest manner possible without using any harmful solvents unlike other extraction methods. We take the personal approach of research, testing, and making to get our idea of the perfect oil. So when making and testing these formulations I also give samples to my community to get their opinion and personal accounts so I can make the blend as inclusive and effective for all individuals. All of our full spectrum CBD products are natural and of the highest quality; sourced and produced here in the United States of America. In keeping with our dedication to protecting our environment, we are a minimal waste company and use recyclable materials for our packaging.

Who we’ve teamed up with

We hold our pride and morals very high therefore we only collaborate with individuals/ companies that align with our values. As such we have collaborated with a number of companies, one being Hotel Suppliers. Here you can look us up and find some of our articles and links to our website and products. This collaboration helps us find hotel owners who are interested in buying our products as amenities to enhance their guests' experience for the better.

Additionally we have been recently doing a lot more collaborations on our podcast, a recent example is the podcast we did with Micheal Webster. The founder of Falling leaves, a company that hosts cannabis infused fine dining events for business owners, to talk and collaborate in a warm, professional environment where they can communicate with one another in a friendly yet professional setting.

We also do a lot of media features to expand our outreach and to get to know our community. You may have seen us on cannabis radio: grassroot marketing, cannabis A-Z: The Frankie boyershow (podcast on spotify), and we host our weekly podcasts on the grow fam channel on Facebook.

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