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Thank you for visiting Master Roachee's Garden. I've had a relationship with cannabis for over forty years as a patient, grower, and activist. We believe in cannabis's ability to serve as a medicine not a drug, a catalyst for economic development, and as a green alternative. We couldn't find the quality and consistency we wanted out there so... Without much thought or preparation, we started a business that only partners with companies that reflect our values and vibe.

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  • -Doyle H-

    I have suffered with pain for 20 years. I had several doctors evaluate my back issues. I have deterioration in L4-5 area. Also pain issues due to damage in my left knee and right shoulder. I have treated my pain for years with opioids and OTC for 15 years. I received a sample of Golden Medley and my pain after using this dropped to where a couple acetaminophen would make my pain go away. I was amazed about the effectiveness of these wonder drops. If you are suffering with pain like I was, give the Master's Golden Medley a try.

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  • -Tony L-

    I've been trying to find a solution to anxiety for years with no luck. Finally I gave Groovy Days a try and now I'm never more than a drop from peace. With the recommended dose I am able to go to classes and work and focus for the first time in as long as I can remember!

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  • -Maddy K-

    I have recently been diagnosed with carpel tunnel, it’s been hard to manage the pain in my arms and hands. Someone suggested I try this CBD oil; I absolutely love it! It definitely helps me get the relief that I need! I also suffer from insomnia, and I decided to try AMBROSIA NIGHTS, definitely helps me to sleep and stay asleep! I now wake up well rested and ready for the day! 

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