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Master Roachee's Garden

Flower Grinder

Flower Grinder

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Our new high quality grinder that features none other than Master Roachee himself on the top cap for extra style points.

Material properties

It’s made with anodized aluminum so you can be sure it will stand the test of time, this dense metal material means it can withstand an accidental drop with nothing more than a scratch.

Due to this material composition it doesn’t get discolored overtime, unlike plastic grinders, so your grinder is always looking fresh.

Functionality features

Our grinders teeth chew through the stickiest bud on the market with ease and without the chance of one of the teeth snapping off like a plastic grinder usually would.

The magnetic top cap and grinding chamber pull towards each other which secures your grinder to prevent unwanted spills that waste your flower.

Additionally it includes a mesh layer that’s perfect for filtering those tiny, yet powerful, THC crystals that drop off your bud when grinding. 

It collects them in a small compartment at the bottom, otherwise known as the “kief catcher”, with a small plastic spatula included for extracting those tiny crystals to give that joint or bowel an extra kick.


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